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What is Rust Tattoo™?

Have you ever looked at the inside of your ankle or lower leg and noticed brown discoloration, shadowing or staining? This may be a sign of advancing vein disease, which if left untreated, can lead to irreversible skin changes and discoloration. The professionals at Medical Vein Clinic™ refer to this as the Rust Tattoo™. The ‘rust’ color is from iron staining from the red blood cells that die from vein dysfunction, and the ‘tattoo’ is from the relatively permanent skin changes.

Vein disease is a persistent and progressive condition that can be prevented with early evaluation and intervention. Otherwise, vein disease can limit blood circulation and oxygenation in the legs, which can result in limited mobility and serious chronic problems.

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What is Rust Tattoo™?

Have you ever noticed unusual brown discoloration or shadowing on your ankle or lower leg? This seemingly harmless change might actually be a sign of something more significant—advancing vein disease! Left untreated, it can lead to irreversible skin changes and discoloration as well as more serious matters like deep vein thrombosis, edemas, or blood clots. Welcome to the world of the “Rust Tattoo™”

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